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青海红枸杞苗木开辟农民致富新途径Qinghai Red Lycium barbarum Seedling opens up a New way for Peasants to become Rich
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Into Qianhe Township, the new green of bushes was covered with treetops, and the pear flowers full of trees bloomed. In the field of Ma Zhongliang, a villager of Qianhe Village, the newly planted Red Lycium barbarum seedlings were gradually sprouting. The township responsible person and the village cadres were looking at the growth of Red Lycium barbarum seedlings.

Qianhe Township has been planting corn, rape, potatoes and so on for many years. In recent years, with the low agricultural prices and the low economic income of the masses, some people began to target the red wolfberry seedling industry and increase their income through the cultivation of Lycium barbarum seedlings. Red Lycium barbarum is favored by the market because of its certain health care function. In recent years, with the dream of starting a business, farmers from all over the world who want to get rich gather in Normghong, Haixi, and other places to grow Lycium barbarum in large quantities, and the planting of these wolfberry needs high quality seedlings. Qianhe villagers have precisely identified this favorable market, giving full play to the advantages of local climate conditions, such as large temperature difference between morning and evening, long sunshine time, and so on. Red Lycium barbarum seedlings were planted in the market, and the survival rate was more than 70%.

In the first year, the farmers who planted the red Chinese wolfberry nursery stock had a contract with the purchaser in advance, resulting in lower than the market price at the time of the maturity, but even if so, the farmers had tasted the sweet head of the red-wolfberry-grown seedlings. The "Last year, I worked with my sons and planted nearly 10 acres of land, and a total of more than 5,000 yuan of water-land contract cost, such as labor, nursery stock, and fertilizer application, was removed from an area of 1,000 yuan, and the annual income was about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.", referring to the benefit of planting the red Chinese wolfberry seedling last year, the old man of the age of 78 years old in the front of the river village of the Qianhe village. This year, the old man, who has tasted the sweet head, has continued to expand Planting area, increased the number of mu planted to more than 20 mu, "taste the sweetness, we must continue to work hard, like cutting leeks, cut a stubble to let it continue to grow, if uprooted, then eat no," talking about the successful experience of increasing income, Ma Zi Jian old man said simply.

In the first year, the successful experience of planting red Chinese wolfberry seedlings, many of the farmers in this year have joined in the development of the red and Chinese wolfberry nursery stock, the whole township of more than 100 households, a total of more than 300 mu, which also opens up a new way to get rich for the rural farmers.

Ma Zhongliang, a planter of red Lycium barbarum seedlings, is full of hope for this year's harvest.

Ma Zhongliang is a new member of the red wolfberry seedling planting team this year. When he saw him, he was watering the flowers. In order to increase family income, he used to work odd jobs on the construction site all the year round, and saw that the neighbors planted red wolfberry seedlings with very good benefits. This year, he raised more than 7000 yuan to grow two acres of red wolfberry seedlings. Although the number of mu planted is relatively small, he has his own most simple hope for the harvest. If the benefits are good this year, I hope that next year, with the support of government policies, a variety of household income will be increased. In addition to the benefits of planting red wolfberry seedlings, Ma Zhongliang also works with the villagers in his leisure time. It can be used to plant the large-size lycium field, plant the seedlings, can earn 80 yuan a day.

In order to promote and mobilize the masses, guide the policy, coordinate and solve many problems such as the purchase of seedlings and seedlings sales, and make every effort to complete the service work, Qianhe Township has also set up the Red Lycium Seedlow Planting Cooperative Cooperative, and the old party member takes the lead to play a model role, enter the yard, walk to the head, and actively solve the difficulties and problems encountered by farmers in planting the seedlings. ``The common people are rich, I am very happy as a village cadre'' . Ma Haishan, the village director of Qianhe Village, Qianhe Township, as a member of the cooperatives, transmits the simple feelings of leading the masses to get rid of poverty and rich as a village cadre.

"Fish" is better than "fishing". The government of Qianhe Township Party Committee said that in the aspect of planting red wolfberry seedlings, they will further increase the tilt of plastic film, chemical fertilizer and other agricultural resources to the cultivation of red wolfberry seedlings, ensure irrigation water sources, strengthen policy guidance, and further do a good job in service work, so that a group of industries that really benefit from the masses emerge as the times require.

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